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[nameless devlog] - day 2

first of all: thank you for all the nice / interested replies on the devlog!! it means a lot, primarily because i am So Nervous. 

second of all: didn't get much done today. did some more camera programming, did writing for the actual in-game 'dialogue' (again........ not dialogue with another character, but the main character @ herself, etc.), narrative work. 

camera programming is coming along better than i thought it would, but it wasn't so significant as to warrant making a video to demonstrate it. the camera and the player both rotate on the y & x axis according to where the mouse is, but i haven't figured out how to link them together so that the movement of the player is based on where the camera is looking (also the camera rotation is much more pronounced than the player's). the player rotation also seems to be developing more problems the more i play around with it in the 'play' mode, so. that's. gonna take some more work.

i also figured out how to mess with unity skyboxes, but making a custom one will have to wait until tomorrow.

tomorrow i have another project to work on, but i'm hoping to start on the 3d modeling!

primary goals for tomorrow:

  • i never intended this game to be object-heavy, as the goal is to feel like you're floating in nothing, so hopefully i won't need to make more than just the 2 (the player + the plant). hopefully i'll get a significant amount of modeling done tomorrow. 
  • the camera work and player movement in space is my primary interest at this point, as getting that all smoothed out will contribute immensely to the final product (as this is..... a floating in space simulator, so i'd like the Core of that to be very well designed)
  • i also need to learn about the billboarding system in unity and start setting up UI stuff, but that will probably wait another few days while i figure out camera stuff.

thanks for tuning in for day 2! sorry i didn't have any progress shots, but things will get steamy when i start modeling tomorrow.