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[nameless devlog] - day 1

first thing's first: i took some time watching some videos and familiarizing myself with unity beyond my very basic experience with using the particle effects editors. i wish i'd had a chance to start yesterday, but i was running errands & working on another thing, etc.

1) made some concept art:

but it was too plain (but i didn't want to color it lfkmdldkm) so i inversed it: 

which looks a little... hrm, weird, but i'll take it. anyway i'll be basing my 3d model off this general concept. i plan to make the model generally low poly with a simplistic approach to textures, etc. - i'll start getting too deep into perfectionism otherwise, and i don't really have time for that

2) made some mishaps:

(video has sound in the form of my background music)

well. i know how the hitbox + gravity situation works now. the movement script is something i learned from a programmer classmate awhile ago, so it was easy enough to ground myself with it in unity (ie, learn how the programming process happens) and start experimenting with new, non-unity-standard objects, etc. i'll probably also be wildly straying from the base movement code i learned from him in pursuit of 'space-esque' movement.

3) finally made some progress:

(video also has sound)

i've made a script for the camera to follow the player, which isn't demonstrated in this video due to me not wanting to make anyone nauseous w/ the spinning camera, but it's positioned over the player's shoulder

4) goals upon continuing tomorrow:

  • i have to get a ‘stop rotation’ script going to stop the player character from careening wildly out of control, and also get an up/down control (probably q and e)
  • camera work needs to be extended to have where the camera’s looking be the player’s intended direction.
  • this is an old model from a different project that’s just serving as a stand-in for right now, but i would also like the final model to be perpetually in ‘floating-thru-space’ position, with animations that match changing pitch and yaw (whenever i figure out how to work that into player movement)
  • make a ref sheet for 3d modeling if i need it
  • get a start on the player model and figure out how to change unity's skybox to a custom one
  • since the game is in space, it doesn't need a 'map', persay, but i do want there to be some other objects in the gameworld that trigger 'dialogue' (introspection counts as dialogue, right?)