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I'm afraid I don't have the time to go into as much detail as you're asking for here. But what I can say is just from clicking on your link and looking over your game's page, I have no idea what the game is actually about. I looked at the images, and from a glance the game seemed to have to do with space and resources, but I still don't know what to expect if I were to download it.

I'm not a MAJOR card game fan, but I do enjoy quite a few of them and have been playing them since I was a child. Your page seems to only explain the reasons why you wanted to make this game, and none of the reasons why I should be interested in playing this game. So in that sense, you sort of solved at least one of your problems already, meaning you understood you should make a trailer (AKA figure out how to excite players about what the game is and get them curious to try it out on their own). What I would want to know before trying out this game is:

  • Who am I in the game world?
  • What am I trying to accomplish?
  • What is my opponent trying to accomplish?
  • How am I going to accomplish this goal?
  • What else is special about this game and how it is played?

Looks like you have a big project on yours hands, and that you're still feeling passionate about it. If that's true, maybe your #2 option is the best. Come up with a snazzy title, work on developing your marketing materials, and try to "re-launch" the project and attract more testers. And I'd say if all of that goes well, try to continue your work on balancing and polishing what you have. Maybe look for help in areas you don't feel confident with. Hope that's all helpful, and best of luck to you!