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MAN, IT IS HELLA LIT. I'm so frustrated you have to cut it to the most interesting part ;; I must all the characters are well written. The graphics is the level you see on commercial games by the big companies and that is big brownie points for me! The way the choices really affects the flow of the story AND your relationship with the characters in a superbly interactive way brings so much connection and delight from a game that has a lot of potential! I bet there are a lot world building and research put on this because the system of their world is a place i don't think you just infiltrate. Good job! I enjoyed it so much.

P.S I also love the Ascension! You just gained a new fan : ) 

P.S.S Egon has officially stolen my heart. That, he did.  ;  )

Thank you so much! Hopefully you'll enjoy the full game once it's released! =)