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You're more than welcome! I absolutely love the game and the write up is glorious! 

For me, the issue around Phillipa surrounds her being framed as loot and owned by the party in the same way the magic horse and dagger are. I think it is perhaps just an unfortunate choice as an example. I could totally see NPCs being something that could be included in the expanded Kickstarter (which I'm unbelievably HYPE for!), but they would need to be handled with more care and agency than items. 

Keep up the awesome work! 

I applied changes to the text which frees Philippa from her captivity and status as literal loot.

What the Adventurers found instead is "Philippa The Fae’s Scrying Mirror of Long Distance Relationships". Instead of literally finding her, it's a device that allowed her and Malakazam to fall for one another.

I altered the rest of the text to reflect that change as well.

I made a DevLog about it and updated the PDF for the core book.


Thanks again for your feedback.

You're more than welcome! I look forward to checking it out. Thank you for taking my comments on board. Wishing you every success. This game is a belter!