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This pack is awesome!

Seriously I'm so pumped to use it.  This has to be one of my favorite I guess I'm just a fan.

You aren't planning on doing a volcano land town.  I always want to put a town there and it's a lil tricky to look right.

I was really wondering if you were going to do something in the way of a tower wide enough to want to make a tower set.  I think you could design the tower's interior most excellent.

Thank you very much!  

Yes!  We're planning on having a volcano set in the future.  :)  What kind of tower do you have in mind?  

The classic Mages tower with libraries, artifacts,  special spots for magic rituals or magic practice,  was hoping for a spiral staircase but i don't think that's feasible unless it's two squares wide.  bed rooms.  Dorm hall.  Vanities, Statues .A cellar with giant crystal and a roof with a portal! :P :)

Other tower option could be the classic Dark Tower with everything dark and a bit scary.  Glowing purple or red lights.  Lava pit in the center. An organ near the top and at the top a council of darkness with multiple chairs.

May not be the best idea but it's something.  I just like towers to put in a game.  They have a special presence being a tower.


OK, I'll make a copy of this post and add it to the list.  :)  I bet we can work something like this in somewhere!

I second the volcanic lands and mage tower!  Please add my vote, although I love everything you make!

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OK, noted!  :) Thank you!