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I got an "invalid game key" error after the Paypal transfer, don't know what that's about. Good thing there's a free download option too I guess lol

Damn, that strange. Sorry for your trouble. The full version isn't complete yet, but I'll definitely send a working key when it is


No problem, I just got a notification with a download link, it's probably nothing.

 Anyway I'm loving the game so far, it's a clear improvement from your previous works but keeping all the atmosphere and retro charm intact. Sound design is great, it fits the game's aesthetic perfectly and overall makes the experience super immersive. Perhaps the intended path through the map could be marked in a more clear way, took me a while to realize I was supposed to jump over that one chasm...but then again there's a blizzard going on so it's understandable. I think my biggest gripe here is not being able to control the character with the arrow keys, but that's just because I'm left handed and it's not that bad.

So like I said, I love this game already and can't wait for future updates. I find your work super inspiring and hope you can keep making more stuff like this in the future. Happy new year!

Thanks for the feedback! I'll keep it in mind for the full game. I'll definitely add arrow key controls. Glad you're enjoying so far :). Happy Holidays / New year!

Arrow key movement has been added!

Whoa that was quick! Thanks a lot guys! :D