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Hi, I rated this 3/5 stars, which isn't a rating I give easily.

A star was detracted by some oversights such as "paino" for "piano": I don't like this absence of proof-reading, all the more in a game otherwise as individual and remarkable as this.

What else to say?
If our culture will reach past its rationalist religion and myths, we'll be able to call "surreal" "reality of the soul", and "walking simulators" by a far less mortifying name — such as soul simulators.
I have of late conceptualized a human mind as a egg... where, in normal cases, the ego is a point (or shape) moving only all over the surface, and the shell has no linings.Then, for some, with the contribution of natural inclination and trauma (which means "hit", literally, in Latin), the shell can line. It can start leaking... and at the same time, while the others are alarmed by the sight of albumen, the ego can slip (or "willingly" venture) into the inner substances. The albumen, which I think is lucky, and the yolk, which I don't wish on anybody falling into their own. 

I wrote this here... wondering how much in common, if anything, this has with the in-game egg.