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Hello Sharm, first of all thanks for the feedback, I take it all into consideration whether positive or negative.

Results not usable:
I believe all the screenshots on the product page have perfectly usable results, bare in mind not every single sprite generated is going to be right, it's designed to generate a couple hundred over and over again until you find the right one.

I fully appreciate that a pixel artist is going to rather do this work by hand, and it may well be a useful tool just using the 1-bit mode to generate ideas and rough mockups and then take into a different program for detailing, and if I was a pixel artist that's probably exactly what I would do and yes $20 would sound a lot. However I feel for game programmers wanting quick art you can get very good results which can always be touched up at a later stage.

Improving the generated art
I'm currently working on implementing a lot of the extra options you speak of, and hopefully this will give someone who requires a finer control on the outputted pixel art style what they're looking for. In regards to selecting a specific Hue this is in the next version.

The Price:
I want to make this software the best it can be for non-artists to be able to develop decent art for their games. I believe the price is fair, and will enable me to spend enough time in the future developing this product so it can reach it's potential. 

1-bit mode limitation:
The 1-bit mode isn't really designed to be a limitation for a demo, but more a fully functional version for people who want that style of art. Or for pixel artists who want to generate ideas for a basic sprite to start with before moving into different software for colouring/detailing. If pixel artists want to use the software, this is probably how they'll use it, in which case I wouldn't say the price is over the top as the price is free. Adding an additional body colour to the 1-bit mode is a great idea, i'll look into that!

Explaining how the procedural generation works isn't ideal, and hopefully i'll come up with a better way to explain the different brush options used in the grids more clearly! That video is designed more as a temporary fix while further documentation is made. I believe however the video along with the example-grids download should get most people up and running quite smoothly.

Thanks again for the clear & concise feedback, it's always appreciated.