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Hi Rainby,

Thanks for reaching out, especially during this busy holiday season! I actually watched the 1st episode you did of the demo's playthrough and I loved all the extra commentary that you have. Keep it up! =)

The game gets very tense and although it doesn't go into straight up horror in the traditional sense, it is a thriller and you will find yourself in terrifying circumstances. I know you like Horror, so you'll enjoy that aspect. lol

Anyways can't wait to see the next playthrough episode!

PS. Vince is a sweetheart, like kind've an adorable oaf in a way and Lucky is brilliant. Some people didn't like his personality as it was confident enough for them perhaps, but personally he holds a special place in my <3

Aw, thank you very much ^_^

Oh yeah, I definitely like horror. And about circumstances…yeah I was so pumped after the first death. I’m such a horrible person, I know xD I just love intense atmosphere :) 

Some people just don’t like anyone xD But I get it, different tastes and all :)

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Haha I know its abit slow at the start but that's cause I had to introduce everyone. Now that death 1 happened it's all a crazy rollercoaster from there. I've watched your 2nd+3rd videos on LMA and so far Im enjoying it. Great voices btw. ;)

hahaha, thanks and about introducing everyone... I absolute get it :)