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This game is not for everyone--it is pretty unforgiving and forces you to figure out yourself what to do and where to go, and you will die a lot--but for the kind of player who enjoys unraveling the mysteries of a game on their own and doesn't like having their hand held, it is a real treat.

The smut is almost beside the point. The danger of even the smallest of monster encounters, with the choice of whether to fight, flee, or sneak through each one being meaningful given how rare campfires are and how far apart saves are from one another, raises Dark Souls-grade stakes. Figuring out the mechanics yourself, and puzzling out how to proceed through each set of obstacles, is painful but incredibly rewarding--it makes you feel smart each time you hit a breakthrough. The environments are gorgeously atmospheric, the combat is tight and engaging once you master it, and there's enough variety in the different places you can go that exploration is breathtaking. Just expect to get absolutely fucked along the way. (Sometimes literally.)

Really looking forward to seeing how the final release turns out.