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Oooh  i was wrong.    

I don't like the idea of having to pay more food to move around, even if it makes sense since there are more mouths to feed.   Getting rid of followers would be nice, since you don't have much control about who joins.  You just kinda say "yes" to followers wanting to join, and only afterward do you find out what those followers actually are.

(But really, convoys of 60+ are not at all "doomed".  I always finish with more than that.)

Remember, Inkie, you're not the default user - far from it ;)

Of course you are able to finish, even with 100+ followers because you can hoard it during the first two sectors, but you will have noticed that your food stock will decline towards the end, because it's not possible to keep it up with the food you get as loot. It's disproportional.