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Hi Charlie,

Thanks for looking into the issue! I tried with the 1.47a build (placed the EXE in the existing 1.46a distribution as suggested), but unfortunately still got a crash using the same scenario, at the same moment, when the toolpath is being computed and shown.

Here is the new log: PixelCNC 1.47 test -

I hope this helps ! Let me know if you need any additional information.


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Ah, it looks like your cut depth is set very very tiny, which is OK for horizontal finishing passes (i.e. horizontal milling operation with a cut stepover of zero) but for a parallel carving operation you'll want something more substantial. It looks like it's overflowing the Intel graphics  chipset with too many cutpath move geometry and crashing it. Try a larger cut depth. If your cutter and machine are rigid enough you should be able to use the entire flute length of your cutter for your cutting depth. For a 1.5mm diameter cutter I would use at least half of the flute length as a cutting depth here.

Another strategy is to use a roughing pass with a larger cutter that has a Leave Stock of a millimeter or two, a stepover about 30-40% of the cutter's diameter, and then come in with a parallel carving operation and the smaller tool for finishing - and you can set your cutting depth to the full depth of the project's canvas (or at least the cutter's flute length).