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Hey thank you so much, it made me real happy to hear that :D

Thank you also for taking the time to give me your feedback. I really appreciate any feedback that I get especially from a fellow dev.

I think cool downs could also work but I've purposely avoided them. But you are not alone, overheating is something that most new players struggle with, but with time you learn to avoid it most of the time. As you gain more experience with the game not only will you not overheat as often, but you will learn many techniques that are available for avoiding it. You can even turn it into an advantage using teleport.  One tip, is that smash (aka the boost) is also a good way of gaining energy quickly when you are overheating. If you hit another player with smash any damage you do will come back to you as energy.  A single hit from smash does 50e damage so two hits are  enough to regain a full bar of energy. You also start out with enough credit to add one more ability to your kit, I recommend absorb which is a special shield that converts incoming damage into energy. I am still monitoring how new players respond to overheating, it is an area I want to improve upon in terms of new player experience but for now a separate cool down is probably too large of a change. But I do appreciate the suggestion :D

I always love talking game design, so if you are interested I'd love for you to be a part of our discord community, I hang out there everyday on discord and we get together every weekend for our schedule playtest. We also often play pickup games throughout the week: