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A RPG that consists of walking around a clustered environment. Players can destroy blocks that sorround them, however, they cannot destroy a huge wall that sorrounds the world.

A game about a ghost who needs to sleep, but they can't because they need to see a livestream of Eminem playing Counter Strike. What is the best decision? Find out in this epic walking sim.

( let's collaborate on the above project, in case you are interested in it, please )

By above project do you mean the clustered RPG environment, the Eminem game, or my animal crossing idea? (I'm down for any, really)

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The Eminem one

Just a lil parody

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If you're still interested in doing it around december 10th and beyond (after my exams) then I'd totally be down for it.

ok! I have a final English exam on the 12th so I think after my final English exam we might make something interesting.

Is the Eminem thing still going on?