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Ugh, I really enjoyed the game up until the green circles...  there's a reason I play point-and-click games: I can't do run-and-shoot, due to coordination issues.  Had to abandon the game, unfortunately :( 

maybe, there could be a "skip" option in the future for people like me?


sorry to hear that... I may add an alternate puzzle in the future, as I have received this feedback from a few people.

Thank you for playing though!


Thank you!  it's an awesome game otherwise :) 

An easy mode has been added :)

Many thanks! :) 

That would be great!  I've tried to play the Alien part at least 75 times and can't figure out how to win.  So I'm just stuck.

green circles oh the mini game.  Well, I'm not great at that either but try doing gentle taps not constant arrow holding. Also in the beginning it's slow so go to the upper right and avoid anything near you, then just kinda hang out in same spot till your forced to move.  You get a fair amount of lives. Don't over think it.