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is there a button for me to change her position from doggy to another pose ? 

Hey , this is the best game i ever played in my life , the animation is really good , the character design is reallllllyy nice , btw have u planed to do some update soon ? or like added some new outfit or something like a new pose like that ? really looking into it bro... keep it up oh yeah sorry for my grammar just hope u get what i mean hehe

Hi there :)

The only way to see the other positions is to reset and rub Abby in a different way. She will decide what pose she wants ;)

And thanks so much for your praise! I'm glad you enjoy the game. This project is actually finished so we won't see any new content for it but I'll always be updating Flip Book with new content and I'm working on an all new game you can check out once it's ready to show!