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I wouldn't recommend this game. There's a lot to love. For instance the art is otherworldly fantastic, and I think the game-play, especially the boss fight was ridiculousness fun. I think the game was decently scary as well, which is a major achievement for a game with graphics like this. But the story is not good. I was hoping that a game about the Satanic Panic would be more critical, but instead this story just serves to parrot decades old paranoia based on nothing. That on it's own isn't particularly bad, it's a criticism that can be levied against any exorcism story written in the last 40 years. It was the parts where non christian religions and abortion are presented as "Spooky". It's really tasteless and It makes me wonder what the Devs wants the player to come away thinking about the Satanic Panic. Are they trying to justify it and stir up more baseless paranoia or are they just exploiting a very complex time period for cheap scares? Neither is something I would recommend to others, but it is food for thought.

abortion is far beyond "spooky" though. have you ever witnessed something as abominable as that actually happening? abortion wasn't even brought up in the game so i'm not sure what your point was anyways.

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the story is quite good imo. for instance, we aren't sure whether or not john is a real priest, or if any of this actually happened. wtf was that weird deer ending where they murdered john? does the cross actually defend against demons. why did the "chupacabra" keep blabbering about a father and speaking spanish. why would police use "chupacabra" as a coverup? what did michael (the chupacabra) escape from. what was the grey dude and what does his ruby lookin thing do? there's so many little lose ends that can go anywhere, and i'm pretty sure they get tied up in the second and 3rd game. it's much more interesting that just a pro or anti-catholic message. i'm tired of all the progressive and anti-progressive nonsense, i'd rather play art than propaganda.


The Satanic Panic was an event that had a basis in political opinion and would go on to influence public opinion and policy. By any definition it was a piloical movement/event. 

When an artist makes art of something from real life, they aren’t showing the real thing, but their interpretation of it. When an artist makes a game based on real events, when they are interpreting the facts of the event and showing their view of it. Therefore if they say anything other than listing literal facts about the event are making a statement of some kind about it. 

Please explain to me how you think it’s possible to make a non political statement about a political event. 


Ghost of President Richard Nixon, in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit I command thee to depart from walking this mortal realm. May your soul find rest in the bosom of He who is Eternal Judge of both the quick and the dead. By the grace of our Lord Jesus, I release you from your earthly burdens (like Watergate and Vietnam and all the stress the hippies caused you) that you may cross over into the spirit world in peace. Cross over into paradise where your beloved Pat surely awaits you. You must move on and complete the next step in your eternal journey. Go and embrace the glorious light of your Creator and no longer torment those who remain in their tabernacles of clay. Yes, tarry no longer, nor afflict us who toil in the day of this earthly life. IN NOMINE PATRI ET FILI ET SPIRITUAL SANCTI AMEN.

Lmao. So anyway, what do you actually think about the Satanic Panic?


have you ever considered that maybe this wants you to think about things and determine your own views? FAITH might be less about what was actually happening and more the fears of someone affected profoundly by the satanic panic. it doesn't have to be political, because the satanic panic was spiritual. abortion isn't an issue of what benefits who, it's an issue over what is morally okay by the laws of god. even hardcore SJW's in the catholic church aren't for abortion. it's clearly a problem that transcends political ideals.

that being said, since FAITH is a look at people's fears during the satanic panic, has it not already achieved its goal as art? look at a painting of Napolean Bonaparte. what do you see? it's a bunch of paint on a canvas arranged in such a way that it looks like some old dead guy. that painting was made to tell a bunch of people that Napolean was great and that he had so and so goals and that he was noble because of reason. it's propaganda, that's the message. does any of that information come across to you? about 70% of the artist's vision has died. it no longer applies because nobody knows who TF Napolean is anymore. like sure, we know who he was, but the purpose of the painting no longer exists. we don't know how evil or good he really was. now it's just the form without the "message". is it not still art?  it's absolutely still art. the form exists without the message and functions as art. now look at a political speech. would you consider that to be art? no. it's just the message and no form. do you see what I'm getting at here? why does this game, as a form of art, need to have anything to say beyond "hey, look at this pixel art. cool eh. also, isn't it spooky when the rotoscope animation plays and the voice synthesizer jumpscares you? hell yeah".

what I'm trying to say is this: the creator of this game is trying to show you how scary the satanic panic was to the people living in it by attempting to dredge those old fears back up temporarily. you can then research the time period and make up your own mind. I'm also saying that this makes it true art rather than propaganda. instead of presenting you with a phony message for you to ingest and regurgitate into the mouth of someone else, it's just trying to make you feel something you don't already. this is pure, the heart of this game will never die, because fear of an unstoppable exterior force is part of being human. it will only become scarier and scarier as people forget that pixel art and voice synthesizers ever existed.