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This game is one of those games that nudges the limits of what we think a game can be, which is always interesting. I really like how you slowly build the issues into simpler, but bigger ideas. It's obvious that solving these issues is harder than a click, but I accept that it's not what the game is about. This was a really expressive game overall. I for one was already for socialism. I wonder how I would have reacted if I was a capitalism supporter. I did see some ppl in the comments say stuff about communism, when this is clearly socialism. This showed nothing about everyone getting the exact same things. I understand that this is an expression of your views as an individual, but I think an interesting concept would be choice, because as far as I can imagine there is no perfect society. Maybe you do envision a perfect society. Not saying it was strictly worse to not have choice. Just an idea. Nice aesthetics too. I would have liked the text snippets to stay a little longer, so I could calmly read them. Unity was a good choice of engine. I thank you for this experience.