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Made in the vein of your favorite classic 80's arcade games, this game sees you play as Raul the pizza delivery man as you scale apartment complexes in order to complete your deliveries! Watch out for bullies and guard dogs though...

In order to scale such heights you must use your pizza as a dynamic platform. This means getting boot marks all over those deliciously greasy pepperonis, but I'm sure your customers won't mind a bit. 

Your pizza is also a weapon, so be sure to clock all those baddies in the chin with some crust if you want to rack up the points!

The pizza you use is smarter than you are, so if you tap the throw button after it's already been released it will find its way back to you. So romantic <3 <3 <3

When you're done (AKA dead) be sure to enter your initials and have your score be registered in our global database! Can you take the top spot?! How many levels can you... deliver?




'A' and 'D' to move,  '>' to jump, and '<' to throw/recall your pizza.

'>' to insert a coin!


Left and Right to move (DPad or left analogue), 'A' to jump, and 'B' to throw/recall your pizza.