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The comic this is based on is a weird one.  Let's see your spin on it. :)

"Anything else you want players to know before they play?
Have fun!"

I hope to do just that! :D

This was . . . ok.  It takes a completely different spin on the comic it's based on, making about trying to make coffee for guests in sort of a puzzle-platformer.  Not about "fake adulting" as much anymore, but ok.

It's a confusing game at first, and a weird mix of platformer and clicking mechanics--I'm not a fan of the controls, because you have to use the arrow keys/WASD to move and the left click to interact with objects (I use a laptop, so it's more clunky do both at once).  I would have liked an action key to interact instead, but eh.

I don't like how you put the mouse trap right next to the starting area--most players are probably going to activate it without even realizing why, which ruins any puzzle element of it.  I had to replay the game to see that the mouse will eat the dropped coffee grounds if you don't activate the trap.  That puzzle could've been set up so much better--maybe the player passes by a mouse hole at the starting area, drops the grounds and the mouse comes out, and then the player has to search the kitchen cabinets for a mouse trap?

The jump is also confusing--at first I thought it was just bad and short, but then I realized I had to mash the up arrow/W key to jump repeatedly, rocketing upward, which the game doesn't tell me I can even do.  Even worse, the game led me to believe I had to stack all those tables in the corner to use my tiny single jump to get to the 2nd level above, which was not at all what I needed to do.  Why are those tables even there?

Also, small nitpick with the vacuum: I dropped the vacuum on the coffee grounds, and nothing happened.  Had to run with it for it to suck up the grounds.  Which is fine, but I don't really get why dropping on it did nothing?  Ah well.

So yeah, this was alright.  Not really something I would play again, but it was a ok experience.  I did like the music, btw.  And this ending screen is pretty cute: