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All good so far, couple of minor gripes, the card Tribal Striker? Don't quite remember the name, 4/2 Legendary with First Strike that spawns beasts when it kills a target, I killed a target with it but it didn't spawn a token, I'd casted Blind Rage on the target beforehand. Can it only spawn on the same row? Because I may have been up against cover. On the subject of cover, I feel like followers should be able to attack obstacles or cover on their own side of the field if they're behind it. Like, I got a boulder on the first space of a row and didn't have any obstacle destruction and my followers couldn't attack the boulder since they weren't the first units on the row, so the entire row was just kind of useless.


Weird, never seen that card not spawn a beast.  It can spawn in other rows.

As far as the cover thing goes, I think its more strategic the way it is now, where you can't attack when you have stuff blocking you. (in front of you)  You can use units in the other rows to clear that obstacle, since they are not blocked, or use some direct damage cards.

Yeah, Tribal Striker not triggering is definitely a bug. I'll have to see if I can replicate that. A log file - or being able to clearly replicate it - is generally a good way to a fix. One suggestion: Did you not kill a follower? I don't think it triggers on obstacles or constructs, only on followers, and the card text may not reflect that. That is obviously a bug.

Also yes, the attack situation: You're not the first person to suggest this but it is a major change. I am pretty happy with the way it plays right now but was planning on trying that out to see if how that feels. But right now there's more important things to deal with first.