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This is so neat!

First off, I adore the color scheme. That teal-ish/yellow-ish combo is one of my favorite color combos, and the red accents are gorgeous with it.

I love the setting too. Having just watched Ponyo for the first time the other day, I've had a hankering for seafaring type stuff, and this very much fits! All the little details are great, from sfx to UI to the ship bumping around -- very good.

How did you do the logic for where items spawn? It may just be my imagination, but I feel like whenever I went in the general direction of the wildlife, they led me to an item! I have a conspiracy that the seagulls only lead you to boots though  >:{

Bless you for giving us 2 tries on picking up treasure, because some of them are tough!! I was very excited when I was able to do it without hitting the walls though :)

Great work once again! Bardzo dobre -- lubię być na morzu!


Dziękujemy!! 💜💜 Marte's responsible for the colours, and I agree! And Ponyo is great 😻 We'd been playing Wind Waker, so it was on our minds too. Actually wondered near the deadline if people would follow the gulls and whether it would've been cool to make them actually gravitate towards treasure but they don't actually haha. But everything spawns on a grid and then gets offset a bit, so they probably often end up near it anyway!


Interesting about the item spawning. In the end, even though you didn't program it as such, the wildlife had that effect on me 🐋  I suppose it's just that my curiosity with them caused me to do more than endlessly travel straight! ...also confirmation bias 😅 Also I think just good subtle design on your/Marte's part!


They do give you something to do / look at! c: