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I wanted to like this one as I'm a huge fan of guitar hero and rock band games. It's crazy impressive that you were able to make this in a weekend.

Does it work with a 360 controller? I wanted to try it with a controller but don't have my rockband stuff hooked up to my pc. It would probably be way better with a guitar controller.

The keyboard controls were somewhat difficult. But I think the biggest thing was needing some kind of feedback when you did well or messed up. There were a few sounds for playing wrong notes, but overall, seemed to play the same thing no matter what I did. So I never knew if I was doing good or not. (Until I failed :P). There was also no visual cue for hitting notes correctly. Just that lack of feedback made it very frustrating, even though I loved the concept.

Overall, still crazy impressive.

There's a few unused sound files I recorded, but they aren't implemented. It's a to-do for the future.