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Hello, it looks like you linked to someone else's repository, but are asking for donations here. I don't see a a license on the repository. No license does not mean do whatever you please. 

This is most likely in violation of the GitHub Game Off, and probably in violation of's TOS. 

Please confirm the license otherwise we'll have to suspend this page. Thanks

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The person who will be recieving those donations is the original developer and owner of that repository, which I am currently working with to make this game.

Also, Hexabeast is a Project Admin for this page, if you need to contact him in any way to ask if I have permission to have this up and accept donations, feel free to do so.

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I gave him the right to do so, I'm not working on my game anymore so I don't have anything to loose anyway. And he just added me as a project admin.

If you need a proof that I'm the owner of the Github, tell me what to do.