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It has nice graphics, and the levels are nice. Here is some feedback I thought of.

  1. this game looks like it should be less than 40 Mb not 164 Mb
  2. use radio buttons instead of check-boxes on start up menu
  3. let player replay levels without making a new save file
  4. the "Quit" menu item is hard to see on dark screens
  5. replace generic loading screen
  6. it would be nice to see the players direction on the map
  7. the fact that the main menu and the pause menu are exactly the same is confusing

These are some glitches I found.

  1.  map turns black after saving
  2. mouse controls don't let you shoot
  3. glitch when shooting cactus
  4. Help Menu: "pam wohs" isn't English. I think it should say "show map".

easy thing to do when map goes black is to load the save. fixes it right up!