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Overall, I really liked this. A fun take on the comic idea.. and trying to control traffic was really neat. I even tried just letting one lane go, but you lose if there is a pile up! :D So great! I also loved all the different pop-ups when you got a crash. So funny. :)

A couple things that could make it better:

- Sometimes pedestrians would get hit, but had never showed up. The art never showed at all. Which felt cheap.

- I could get a MUCH higher score by doing nothing. (I got over 6000 points by just letting all traffic lanes flow). I feel like the randomness on each lane should get a crash almost immediately if you don't stop traffic at all.

Overall, super cool concept! Nice job.

Wow, a detailed post that points out rooms for improvement yet is encouraging and complimentary... You're the commenter of my dreams.

Congratulations, you found the 7th and last ending! I'm proudest of that one. Reference AND pun, it has everything.

Right, the "phantom jaywalker" bug started after my patch to lessen the pedestrians' impact as walking death machines.... I guess I can't win with these bugs :) And yes, I'm aware of how relaxed the gameplay can be. (That was after I lowered the difficulty for my non-gamer gf). I will fix these, but I'm already going at it on another jam haha. One day, one day I will have time... Anyway, thanks for playing and commenting, I really appreciate it!