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First of all, for any of you who are still reading this page, I want to apologise to the developers for what Nintendo did to their work. It was a completely unnecessary act of aggression from a multi-billion dollar corporation, and I can only imagine what the designers of this game went through when they first got their game taken down.

And because we all know this is part of the reason No Mario’s Sky got famous, I’ve decided to look past that in my review and focus on the gameplay. To which I have to say it’s obvious it was a game jam game, and that I didn’t know what to expect from it, but what I got was really quite little, and overall I found it boring. It’s am impressive programming feat to be sure, but as for what the programming supports, it’s not much at all.

So I wrote a fuller review on Kratzen, and I think it would be best to see this game as a historical oddity instead of an actual game. But I do see potential in the developers, to which I say: keep it up!