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Hey again! I tried what you told me. It doesn't do anything if I haven't killed an enemy, whether I press W (the key it's bound to on keyboard - even tho the manual says it's F) or O on controller. But if I've killed an enemy either key leads to a crash. I tried a couple time, wanna say 5-7, always crashes as long as I have killed something.

More accurately - It plays a sound effect and the character has some sort of effect on her for a second, then the game goes to desktop with the error message where I have to press abort and close it. It won't open again if I dont. Pretty sure the last part is intentioanl but just wanted to be specific. 

I should probably point out I'm in the demo/free version from

Havn't had any issues as long as I don't use hyper mode, its really really fun as well! Great stuff otherwise, would buy if I had any money lol

You being on the Demo explains everything! I'm going to fix it later today, or tomorrow.

Thanks for letting me know and good to know that you're having a good time regardless.


Just wanted to let you know that I've just uploaded a patched version of the Demo. Feel free to re-download this one, if you want to see what hyper mode is all about.

Also thanks again for letting me know. It's a bit strange that this bug went past me, but at least it's fixed now.