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I had a lot of fun playing your game well done. The polish makes the slow pace feel good, instead of boring.

2 things I would like to say:

First: Did I get the record  if I did it in 7 steps? A leader board would have been really good.

Second: Just mentioning it if you didnt notice, the little robot is moving a little different everytime.

Thank you! I'm aware the physics is a bit inconsistent (and sometime hugely so in cases where you hit a rock). Sorry for any frustration caused by that, I realize it's a pretty major flaw in the game. 7 is very impressive! I've been keeping an informal 'highscores' linked on the game page here: Someone else has managed a 7, although as noted there, it only works some of the time due to aforementioned physics problems. Do you happen to have a record of the commands you gave so I can add you to the list? I did want to add a leaderboard to the game, but quite simply ran out of time.


Nah I wasnt frustrated, it was a game made in a game jam after all. I dont expect everything to work ^^
Well mine only worked once, because it involves hitting a rock, and ignoring another by just driving over it.
I dont have the commands anymore, I didnt save them since they only worked once :D