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I can’t message them to ask about it because doesn’t seem to have a private message option.

I just want to point out, that usually approaching people that give you a bad review is not a very good idea. This may not be possible on Itch, but I’d advice to avoid doing that if you are using other platforms that make this possible, especially in a private conversation.

As others mentioned, that is the life of an indie dev. In fact, this is the life of any creative person. There is no popular project out there with no negative comments/reviews. If anything, if your project has a mix of positive and negative reviews, then you are on the right step! Users are more likely to review a negative experience than a positive one.

At least this is my opinion. Try to find a popular youtube video with no dislikes, and I might change my mind :)

Thanks for your take on this Dark!

In wanting to reach out to the user who left the review, I was just looking for some context for it as I value constructive criticism and I am always looking for ways to improve as an artist and as a person. I can't say that I appreciate what I got instead, because I have no way to improve based on their feedback (or lack thereof). In posting this thread I was looking to see how prevalent that sort of behaviour is here and I recieved a lot of great insight from you and other posters. I won't let it stop me creating more great stuff.