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Excellent, simply excellent. I've been looking into to trying the demo for a few days now and I'm very happy that I had the chance to experience it.

The game looks great, the art and visual design is quite charming and the animations are smooth. Music and sound are also fantastic and suite the game very well. It's very easy to tell that there's been a lot of time and love put into how the game looks and sounds.

Despite only being a small chunk of the game, the demo introduces us to the main characters which I found to be quite interesting and unique, the dialogue is well written and the characters work well together.

I was actually quite sad when the demo was over as I was really getting into the game, this is truly a unique experience and one that I'm happy I got to enjoy. If the demo is anything to go off of, the game is going to be fantastic when it releases, and I'm looking forward to the day that it does.

I hope you don't mind, but I recorded a let's play of the demo for my channel. 

Cheers and best wishes to you.


Yo what a voice man! Just subscribed to your channel, great content!