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Yes, Windows

Strange, I just tried here and it works :( What windows version?

I unzipped it on a specific folder though, maybe you could try that? first move the zip in a folder and then unzip it?

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It's an old laptop with Windows Vista. But Renpy runs fine, I even make my own visual novels in this device! I tried what you said and still nothing, so I'm downloading it from your website now. *crosses fingers*

EDIT: ...and nothing again. It must be my laptop, then :( Oh, well. I'll try from another computer, then. There must be some kind of incompatibility. 

Yes I'm not sure what else could be, the installer from my own site it's the same since over a year and nobody had problems :)

I also have a normal demo with installer on my own site here:

I tried opening the demo (itchio version) through Renpy, and this is the error I got, in case it helps for other cases: 


I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:
  File "game/about.rpy", line 26, in <module>
ImportError: No module named md5

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:
  File "game/about.rpyc", line 25, in script
    �;�� �
  File "C:\Users\alum-01\Documents\renpy-\renpy\", line 827, in execute
    renpy.python.py_exec_bytecode(self.code.bytecode, self.hide,
  File "C:\Users\alum-01\Documents\renpy-\renpy\", line 1764, in py_exec_bytecode
    exec bytecode in globals, locals
  File "game/about.rpy", line 26, in <module>
ImportError: No module named md5


No that doesn't matter, it's because you used a newer version of Ren'Py. The one I used is the same version that's on Steam, and nobody has ever reported any problem. I really think must be the Windows Vista (it's quite old indeed). Sorry about it!