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This game is amazing! The characters have great, well... character! They have intriguing personalities and good dialogue. I have played more than an hour of this game but I feel that there is still more content that I haven't found. The environment is well made and the boss fights were fun! I also love how you can easily shape Lore by making certain decisions to change certain details in the dialogue and the environment. 10 / 10 Demo in my book. Keep up the good work! Btw will you be posting updates to the demo for more game-play or will you be keeping additional content private?

There are tons of secrets and multiple endings even in the demo.
Good luck finding them!

That being said, thank you so much for your kind words.
We actually stream game development on Twitch 7 days a week 5 hours a day and run an extremely active discord community for our games.
The Demo will receive one more planned content update before our full launch.