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After enjoying meloveyou and before diving into Ex Synchronos, it seemed quite logical to play “a bit” to AWAREN3SS DEN1ED. I’m putting “a bit” between quotes, because after more than one hour on the game it seems it still has a lot to offer, so I’ll definitely come back to it.

I especially loved the fact that the cyberspace was (***spoiler alert***) being filled by “real life” elements at the end, with a nice Twin Peaksian touch.

The visuals are stunning, meloveyou was already good but Ravee increased his shaders skills to a whole new level. The level design is not too frustrating, you sometimes have to look where you’re going but you never get lost. The game mechanics use a great combination of puzzles and hidden places (with a very clever use of false reflections), that you will have to solve using your brain but also your assembler vision.

I’m definitely a fan of this universe, and I’m starting Ex Synchronos right now!


Thank you very much for playing and for your review. It's releaving to know that there are others that are into cyberspace topics and enjoy these kind of games. I hope you survived EXsynchronos and that it brought you the fun it was supposed to do. Best regards ✌

EXsynchronos is just wow! I have not completed it yet but so far I had a pretty good time, once done I'll post my review. 🙂

For sure, you can be proud of these 3 games, they make a beautiful trilogy.

I almost look ridiculous with Wild Dose compared to your creations. 😉