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A friend of mine told me I should try ExSynchronos as it would totally match with the visual of a game I’m currently making. But before trying Ex, I wanted to play the 2 first chapters of this trilogy. You’ve done an amazing job, I’m super impressed by what you achieved, you used your magical shader power to create an amazing universe.

You’ve got a new fan, I can’t wait to play the next chapters!

Thank you very much for playing and for your feedback. I'm not sure if the visuals of EX are matching, but i think it could be as wild as your game will be. meloveyou is pretty harmless compared to Awaren3ss Den1ed and almost hilarious and cute compared to EXsynchronos 😄 But i'm sure you're used to this kind of style. I already saw you're making "Wild Dose" and it looks awesome. One of these rare games i'm exited to play. 😎