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I actually really enjoyed this! It's a pretty neat little strategy game. That said, there are definitely a couple things that are a bit rough around the edges.

The biggest problem is simply that it's not entirely clear when you can and can't pick a card. They resupply almost immediately, but since you can only select one during the brief period between rhythm cycles when the banner appears I find myself instinctively reaching over to the cards early and losing a bunch of meter. When the time finally comes I occasionally hesitate just a fraction too long due to not having had quite enough time to read the board and miss my chance to play a card until the next cycle.

With a little more visual clarity about when you can/can't play an item to the board and who each items belong to, and a slightly larger window to safely read the board and check up on your health and Wilbur's, I'd personally come back to this more readily. Still though, this is honestly pretty fantastic for a solo jam project, especially given the scope of the music. You did a great job working up a weird concept in a short amount of time, and I definitely don't regret giving this a curiosity play.