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I mean, I certainly didn't intend for Anzu to be abusive, so I'm curious how you came to that interpretation, bc I'd potentially want to fix that in a post-comp release.

Now like, personally, I viewed Lev letting Anzu's mistake slide and then still comforting him as Lev making a choice to not let their PTSD get in the way of showing love and affection to their boyfriend, not letting a momentary involuntary reaction dictate their view of Anzu. Sure, Anzu did fuck up, but it was an honest mistake that he didn't try to deny or excuse and I feel like Lev forgiving him was more like, Lev choosing to exercise agency over their PTSD, deciding that Anzu's love outweighs a mistake like that.

I do think it was far more about Lev trying to deal with PTSD and unwanted reactions to innocent gestures than about Lev feeling like they needed to cater to Anzu's feelings. I mean, certainly Lev feels responsible for comforting Anzu, but it's mutual and only to be expected in a loving relationship, I feel.

I also disagree that Anzu lied, because while he did keep a certain thing secret, it wasn't out of malice but due to fear and confusion.