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Ok this game is amazing i want to play it more buuuuuuuuut i suddenly hit a dead end. I dont think it is meant to be this and that made me realise that the browser kind of does not have a safe function. Which makes it kinda hard .... anyway great game please add a safe function. The place where it broke down on me was: 

She blushed instantly when I said those words, then said a few things like NDIOZQNFFEZ or NIOFENQOFJEEF, and of course NINFOIZEFNZEOFNZF, which all meant "You're right, but I'll never admit it. Also, fuck you. And fuck me. Please." "You're welcome." I said those words while smiling at her, and she calmed down instantly. God, I really have an impacton her, I feel truly... Honored, in a weird and kinky way.