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You wanted feedback right?Take this then-

That lag is something which I will avoid as this is an alpha build.....AWESOME....JUST PERFECT...a thing which I was trying to look for- a dog fight simulator.NICE JOB.Just add some more models in your next build, and yes dont forget to optimize this game.

Update 1-Played for 15 mins more and this is my new conclusion(I made a detailed review,please don't faint down reading this)-

1)Texture are kind of not bumped or rather look flat.Also , most graphical setting are pretty useless,for ex-clound render distance and terrain render distance;instead turn both of them them into a single setting-distance render.

2)Settings don't get saved.

3)Need to change the UI , and yes ,keyboard control for menu is a MUST , as some dont like using mouse.

4)Need to add some animations and mechanics LIKE FLAPS OR WINGS MOVING.

5)Three missiles are pretty useless .MAKE THE GAME WITH SIMPLE STUFFS(after all , every missiles folllow the purpose of blasting peoples , right?).Consider upgrading all of your combat system  respectively to this-

i) a counter-measure flare.

ii)a small ranged automatic missile.

iii)a long ranged non-automatic missile.

iv)an aerial combat gun

v)microphone chat(in case if this goes multiplayer)

6)Make a defence base or something like that for IMMERSIVE experience into the world of combat.

7)Key binding are repititive-for example there are three options for Missile launch - one for pc , one unbinded and one for xbox.Kind of confuses the user.

8)Should add support for a super-weak PC like mine[ :-( dont have cash in my pocket ].

9)Maybe add memory dumping??

10)Terrain need new trees and designs.

11)Add mesh to planes , FIX THE CONTROLS and MAKE THE GAME MORE HARDER .

I hope you did finish reading this comment right?Phew.

Thanks for reading.

I agree with some things, but the three kinds of different missiles is something i really like about it, they all have a different way of how to use them.  And for me, the settings do save so i guess you have multiple maps with data or something. ;P

Flares are already in the game - H

If u press Leftclick there is a cannon.

I don't know about the other stuff, but hope you will play some more and understand it a bit more!