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Is that break-a-neck fighting style is see on the cover art?

It feels like you need to stop with whatever you're doing with the game and get back to the basic systems and make sure they work, because they sure as hell did not work for me.

Movement is floaty, your attacks send you flailing through the air, you can grab invisible walls (with the weirdest fucking ledge grab animation ever, is she turning 360 degrees and walking away?) and you can climb walls with the ball-roll.

Then for some reason there's an insane slowdown whenever you hit an enemy or an enemy hits you which coupled with you flailing your pixel body 40 meters culminates in you getting stuck in walls.

Turn off the graphics and make sure your core game works, please.

Can you compare your experience to this video:

I've noticed on some computers the game gets really weird physics problems, especially around the time slow-down effect.