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Hey Helix! Thanks for the extended feedback.

And Inxi, thanks for your replies.

Inxi is pretty much spot on: Some of the things you've mentioned will be addressed in the next patch (15th Nov is the current tentative release date). That will also include completely overhauled enemy decks with fewer direct damage cards in there.

Other things I want to look at in the future are:

  • Removing cards from the leader deck (most likely in a permanent "unlearn" fashion)
  • Rebalancing the entire economy (food, batteries, hope)
  • Change the way followers are lost in events. Currently there's a few events where you just flat out lose X followers. I want to generally changes those more into "some dudes take wounds" and balance the follower selection on "you lost X dudes" to pick non-rare, non-legendary non-in-your-deck dudes first. There will - most likely - be no "select which followers" because that's going to be a huge feature with lots of UI. I have some cool ideas here (such as sometimes sending in the good dudes for a better chance of success frex) but I would much rather concentrate on aspects of the game that are more important.
  • And lots of other little things

And that's it. If you've got more questions, let me know! Again thank's for the feedback, thanks for playing and thanks for buying the game. I'm happy to hear you appreciate it. I've been working on this for a long time and it's really nice to hear that people enjoy the game, and to see that they enjoy it enough to take the time to write down their ideas and concerns.

This thing is going to be awesome by the time it gets out of First Access! I hope you stick around for the journey :D