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When you say pillaging a town, is that an option when entering (i think i recall something like that vaguely) or an option you have every time?

Its a pretty frequent encounter.   Its this one:

Always has 2 Hope items and 2 equips.    (unless the dev changes it sometime in the future)

As for the wound system, you mean a card essentially has 2 hp, one as a buffer and then next time it dies? Or just if it dies, that it?

Its just like the wound system now.  Right now you can get 3 wounds, and on the 4th death, the follower dies permanently.   In the new system, you only get 1 wound, and then if the follower dies again, it dies permanently.     Also, as an additional evil, all the followers that have 1 wound also get -0/-1 in battle, meaning they have 1 less HP than normal.

And yes, because of this you have to sit out your favorite followers a lot of the time, because you don't want them to die.     But you wanted to be scared of your followers dying?  Right?   :D

Really its pretty fun, and if we get more recruiting in the future, then you will still get to customize your deck a lot, even when having to sit out some favorites.