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Hi Inkxi,  noticed you post here a lot, ill have a read when I get a moment. Glad to see were on the same page.

When you say pillaging a town, is that an option when entering (i think i recall something like that vaguely) or an option you have every time? I don't think I've seen it if so, I may just be being an idiot. It's not that I run out of hope, it's just the most scare compared,and a couple of runs were a bit harder as a result. Ran out once, but right next to a town and that sorted me right out, I had been out looting for a while so its my fault.

As for the wound system, you mean a card essentially has 2 hp, one as a buffer and then next time it dies? Or just if it dies, that it? Not sure how I feel about that, if as I said, if enemies didn't spam spells all the time It wouldn't be quite as bad, or if there were more ways to protect weaker guys, like a taunt for spells. Just spitballing here really, I know there has to be some threat, but I get attached to my followers, I'd hate to have to not use some as often for fear of death. Unless, rarer followers were maybe a touch more common. Maybe lives could be a difficulty option? I'd be happy to try harder games with 1 life, a hardcore mode as it were, but it would be nice to have that choice.

Can't wait for the next version at any rate!