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Hi new person.

Quite frankly, I can't enough. I wish the game didn't end where it does currently so I could make my mind up about resources, and units quantities. Currently, after 8 runs (all "victories" as far as we can go) I'm still unsure what to make of the supply system, most of the time I end up with 200+ batteries by the end, and not much to buy, i always buy every unit I can, as it makes sense to, every hope resource and any equipment I want. Generally, the only supply I have issue with is hope. That really depends on shop listings, but given that I often travel to every location with little effort that isn't an issue most of the time. Not had a unit "die" to date. I'd like to see that as an actual threat, but again, not enough maps to test that.

I'm totally with you, 2 maps are not enough.   In the Beta right now we get to play on 3 maps, its way better, and i still want MORE.  I played the version a lot, and I also never lost, but I can now report that i have Died 2 times while playing the beta version.   

If Hope is an issue for you, you need to start Pillaging every town.  Pillaging a town gives you 2 Hope items every time.  I've never run out of Hope... in errr 30 runs?  hehe.

Not sure I am supposed to talk too much about beta changes, but the dev has said this before, in the beta version you only get 1 wound before your follower dies permanently...  so you WILL have followers dying, and you will even choose to let followers die (the ones you don't care about)

As far as units go, there are a few I always put in decks, anything that spawns an additional unit, anything with stealth, SNIPER. I cannot stress how much I love the concept of sniper units, even if they are a tad weak, they are so helpful. Buffs. Not the +1 attack guy, he usually has little efficiency given how quick the enemy kills units (thats a bit of a bugbear, Id like to see less spells and more units from enemies, and not just zero or 1 mana units). Taunt is interesting, but certainly not useful at the moment, given the damage spam most enemies bring. Why waste mana on a taunt to protect a unit when its going to be killed anyway? Just play 2 threats instead. I don't like how the threshold for enemy fleeing seems random, sometimes I hit them once and they leg it, sometimes not at all. I can't see a difference either, so I usually let them go. If there were a larger reward for finishing them , i would. If there already is, it isn't noticeable right now.

Its good feedback.  Most of this is stuff I've said.  (actually all of it is.  which means its smart feedback   :D )  Pretty much every one of those things is already addressed and should be fixed in the next update.    And yes, in the version, there is no difference in reward if you chase down an enemy, so you should always let them run away. (which also lets you recruit)

I'd like to see more customization for the commander deck, mostly in the form of being able to remove cards.  Streamlining is critical in games like this, yes I know we can swap a card every turn, and this is a huge boost to efficiency, but I don't want so many of the early cards, I'd consider perhaps just a menu that allows you to add/remove leader cards. For example, there are equipment cards I like to use, just don't like the additional cards that come with it. Or I want 1 but not the other. Pulling these "chaff" cards means I have to waste my redraw on them, instead of trying for a mana efficient card or critical spell. I understand there must be negatives and struggle, but these should be against the enemy, not my deck.

Hehe, I also want this.    (The dev already knows my feelings on this    :D    )

I like the rest mechanic, but I feel that, within the game we have currently, its too easy to heal units and prevent deaths, there isn't ever any real threat. I think 3 lives is fairer than 4, that way, there is at least the possibility of a bad run without much resting, and actually losing units. 

Yup.  Should change soon.

I would like a bit of choice in some of the events, or at least some more information. "you lost x followers" is my biggest concern, I'd like to choose when i send a unit to its death, or scout, or whatever the encounter flavour is. At the very least, tell me which unit was killed or deserted, or whatever, instead of me having to search and see if I lost a critical unit.

I didn't enjoy this part either, just randomly losing 3 followers to an event.  I still don't like it.  Nowadays however, I know all the events and I just don't do stuff that gets me instant losses.  (there are two events you can get just by walking around... those really suck)

I realise I made a lot of negative points, but I made them out of a genuine concern for this game. It has all the makings of honestly, one of my favourite games full stop. An FTL like game with cards, encounters, deckbuilding, interesting locales and people, its amazing. I mean no disrespect when I mention the flaws, its just my criticisms as I want to see this game shine, I believe it could be the next FTL easily, and look how acclaimed that was. I think you have the makings of a legendary game, I want to help shape that.

Totally agree.  I love this game.   :D