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Hey, I haven't played the games already, but, are you a female? Is for the name of your account. It's so great to have more female game developers on.  So kudos to you! :) (Don't worry,  I will post a comment about this package once I played and finish all of them, just wanted to post this thought of mine).


i am a bag of bugs. every time i move one of the bugs dies

Em, what?  XD


i may be a woman but i'm not a fan of the word female

over a hundred of my bug particles died while writing that

(2 edits) (+1)

Excuse me Mrs. Did I offend you? I'm truly sorry if I did. 

Also, I just finished 1000 years, that was... interesting to say the least, I will read the document where you got your inspiration off and the reading file the game had. I will go on with the other games as well.

Edit: God, that text is long.


is it like an assortment of bugs or a few specific kinds?


i'm mostly pillbugs but there's a couple of moths fluttering around my brain


Stop burying the lede, Heather.  Are the bugs male or female?


no, they're bugs


<3 bugs <3

an inclusive or