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Okay, let's do this.

I have been your biggest fan ever since your first Ascension game came out. I was on RinmaruGames, which is where I found it, for a while, even before Ascension came out, and I never really went to the visual novel section. Then a little bit later, I went to that section, and there was the first Ascension. Looked interesting, so I played it. Fell in love with Zander and Faelern, and I hated waiting for the next game to come out. I replayed all of the Ascension games about five to six times, probably more, and have almost memorized the entire script!

After replaying Ascension for about the sixth time, I saw that there was a new game from you, on I clicked the link, and looked at the artwork. It was so hard debating whether I should get it or not, because I didn't want to play it and get hooked to it like I did with Ascension, then wait for the full game to come out. I gave into temptation, of course, and I LOVE it! Can't wait for the full game to come out. Now, to what I was getting at.

As I said, loved romancing Zander and Faelern, so I was just wondering...

Who can you romance in here?

I know that you can romance Egon, pretty obvious, but who else? Can you romance the professor?

Also, one more question.

What's the deal between Egon and Pious? I've been making so many theories for so long, and I'm just really curious. Are we gonna find out in the full game, or are you just gonna leave us hanging?

That's all I gotta say. Hope you read all this. Bye! I love you SO SO SO much!

Hello! Thank you sooo much!
You can romance Egon, Karel and Pious in the game.
As for Egon and Pious, you'll have to wait and see!The full game will be out on May, but an early access version with 7 chapters will be out this month. =) <3