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TL;DR Fun, fast-paced, and colorful. It reminds me fondly of spending all day playing smup flash games.

The Great:

I love the focus on giving the player lots of ways to avoid troublesome obstacles! My favorite is definitely the dodge roll, with the saber as a close second (because I can't use it as consistently). I didn't like ducking behind cover at first, but I've come to love it as a catch-your-breath button.

The varied enemies are great, especially the diverse set of projectiles. I love exploding cars (Reminds me of Commando and Commando 2 in the best way), and the soundtrack feels good. I also like how the aim mechanic forces you to move to actually hit what you're aiming at.

The Good:

Although I like the focus on gameplay over story, a hint of story before the end of the first level might be nice. The main character's design is beautiful, and the animations are snappy and satisfying, but I can't tell that she's shooting beams out of her hand, instead of just having a laser pistol.

The enemy designs are also pretty good. The bright palette and good use of profiles really helps sell them, and keep them distinct from everything else going on. It might just be because I suck and have to repeat levels a lot, but I've noticed the same animations over and over again, so it might serve the game well to mix them up a little more like the voice lines.

The Meh: Having to remap every key to change just one is a little annoying.

The bad:
The default controls are a little clunky, especially for keyboard, and I don't like how the tutorial restarts completely when you die. I'd also like an option to make aiming  a toggle rather than a hold-down. The saber also doesn't seem the most reliable: any tips for getting more out of it?

In conclusion, this game is a lot of fun, and really polished. It exceeded my expectations by far, and I'm very happy with the value for money. I'd be happy to pay $10 for it now that I know how good it is. Maybe I will when I get around to your other games.