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I knew I wouldn't be the only one to want more access to the Leader deck.  In every card game like this, people will always want the ability to fully customize their decks.  Always!

Its just more fun when you can set up combos between cards.  

It sucks when you draw cards that you don't like, and can't remove them from the deck.

I don't think the Leader deck needs to be static and stable, just to be different from the follower deck.  There are already differences between the Leader deck and the Follower deck.  

Even if you gave us full access to edit the Leader deck, we wouldn't fiddle with it as much as with the follower deck.  Because there is no need to.  With the follower deck you need to constantly swap out wounded followers (talking about beta version), and put in new recruits.  With the Leader deck, you would basically only alter your deck if you gain a new card, or if you need to change your strategy and overhaul your deck.

I don't really think that by allowing editing, it makes the game a lot "more complex".   With card games like this, people are already very much used to being able to edit decks.

I agree with you here.  I think the lack of card options for the leader deck (at least initially) means little to no fiddling where as the large number of options for the follower deck leads to more need for customization.