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1.Would also love to play this on android.  

2.At first I thought the difficulty was a bit harsh due to lack of food.  However, once I figured out that killing beast enemies drops a considerable amount of food I was fine.  I feel like currently the balance of food is just right in that it evokes that desperate sense of needing to survive early on and also makes having an ample supply that much more satisfying once you get there.

For those that struggle with food.  1. Try to take low cost routes early.  2. Take every battle you can early.  If you run into a beast-type enemy try to defeat them instead of letting them flee whenever possible.  Completely defeating them results in a large drop of food.  3. Get to a store as soon as possible and spend all of your batteries on food.  Once you are over ~70 food things should be smooth sailing from there.   Usually if you can do 2 of the above 3 things you should be set early game.